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Note! Effective September 1, 2014 each subscription comes with 2 Snowpro Plus+ licenses allowing you to run on 2 computers.

There are volume and multi-year  discounts as indicated below. Also there are significant savings for site licensing.

We use Canadian Dollars currency for all sales

You can use the Currency Calculator to calculate your cost in your local currency. 

Order Options

To  order:     (Click on Link)
Annual Snowpro Plus+ Subscriptions
15 Day Free Trial/Demo
Educational Program
Volume or Multi-year Price Discounts
Enterprise Pricing Options
  • Locate below the type of subscription you need
    (Click links above for quicker access to purchase options).
  • Select the number of units range for pricing and click "Add to Cart" Button.
  • In the cart enter the number of subscriptions to purchase.
  • Press the "Continue Shopping" Button to continue shopping.
  • Press the "Proceed to Checkout" Button to complete your order and payment information.
  • Enter your Name, Address, and Credit Card Number and Expiry and Billing Address information (You are not required to have a PayPal account)
  • Enter your PayPal Email Id and Password or your credit card information .
  • Then click on the "Agree and Continue Button" to complete order.
  • Click on "View Cart" button below to view your current cart contents at any time.
What To Expect After You Order

Paypal will validate your order and send the details to us. Once we receive this we will send to you by email an invoice and download information to obtain the software as well as a download/subscription user id and password. and activation code.

You can then download the Snowpro Plus+ software. When you run this for the first time you will be prompted for the activation information which you key in. After that the full features of the software are available to you. Your software will let you know when there is a new version available and optionally you can let the software update itself to the newest version..

It can normally take up to 24 hours for us to receive your order and process the order so please be patient. Please contact us at the email or phone number below if you do not receive notification from either PayPal or Gasman within this period or if you have any other concerns.

For assistance contact us at Phone +1-250-999-1490 or email

You can click thte View Cart at anytime to see your current order status:

Snowpro Plus+ Snow Profile Software

Snowpro Plus+ is designed to provide high quality plots of Snow Cover Profile information according to the International Classification for Seasonal Snow on the Ground (ICSI). Snowpro was developed in conjunction with the Snow Avalanche Programs of the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Highways in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It incorporates a method for plotting results of Ramsonde hardness measurements, the shovel shear test described in the National Research Council of Canada, and Canadian Avalanche Association guidelines (2007) and also the Rutshblock system advocated by researchers at the University of Calgary (Jamieson and Johnston, 1992). Layer hardness can be plotted according to a system that approximates a ram profile. Snowpro Plus+ is able to read all profiles created under all Snowpro previous versions.

We email you information that allows you to download the software from our secure website. The software includes the comprehensive User Manual in Adobe PDF file format and the integrated on-line help.

The software subscription runs for 12 months from the time of purchase. 

Click here for more Information on Snowpro Plus+ Features

Volume and Multi-year Price Discounts

Discounts Category Amount
Volume Discount 10-25 subscriptions less 15%
For more than 25 subscriptions see Enterprise Pricing below
In Addition to above discount  
2 Year Subscription less 10%
3 Year Subscription less 15%
4 Year Subscription less 20%
5 Year Subscription less 25%

Click here for Enterprise Pricing (Company Licenses up to 50 Subscriptions)

Click here for Educational Program and Pricing

Select the category of pricing then enter the number of subscriptions needed on your cart.

Annual Subscriptions

You can click thte View Cart at anytime to see your current order status
Note that each computer must have an active Subscription License.

Only 1 year licensing and purchases from 1 to 9 units can be purchased here. Contact us for your bigger and multi-year orders or educcational  and we will confirm pricing and send you a Paypal invoice which you can pay using your Paypal account or credit card.

Enter your Company name then press the "Add to Cart" button. Once your cart is displayed then enter the number of subscriptions you would like 1 to 9. You require a subscription for each computer you plan to run Snowpro Plus+ on.

Snowpro Annual Subscriptions
Company Name
For orders 10 or more licenses or for multi-year contact us for price discounts and verification

Enterprise Pricing

We offer Enterprise Pricing for clients who need more than 25 subscriptions. For a fixed annual fee you will receive up to 50 subscriptions for your company which can be used at any location. You cannot purchase this on PayPal. We will invoice you. Contact us for more details.

Note each subscription gives you 2 licenses.
Enterprise Pricing Annual Fee
New Enterprise Subscription (1st Year) 100 Licenses $4,290
Multi-Year Discounts  
2 Year Subscription  less 10%
3 Year Subscription less 15%
4 Year Subscription  less 20%
5 Year Subscription less 25%
For licenses over 50 units add $10 per license  


Educational Program

We offer educational pricing to valid educational organizations. This includes colleges, universities, high schools, and avalanche and back country courses training centers where either avalanche, ski patrol, or outdoor winter courses are offered with a resulting certificate or degree. This does not apply to ski hills or individual users.

We will give these educational organizations up to 10 annual training subscription licenses for a single fee of $199 (for all licenses)  per year. The training subscription  must be renewed each year. Educational organizations to qualify you must submit to us annually a brief overview of their program and the number of students trained using Snowpro Plus+.

We will also give students who complete the courses and are issued a completion certificate a 1 or 2 year subscription for 50% off the retail price for their first purchase.

To qualify send us a brief overview of your program and include a contact person name, email, and phone number and the web site address of your organization.

In return you will provide a top level link on your website to our website "" titled "Snowpro Plus+ Software".

We will contact you for any additional information.

We will invoice you for Educational subscriptions. Contact us for more information.

Note this offier is subject to be changed or canceled at any time.

You can click thte View Cart at anytime to see your current order status:

Note! All  orders are in Canadian Dollars.

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